The 3rd ACH Photo & Video Contest

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The 3rd ACH Photo & Video Contest


1. Overview

  ○ Title: The 3rd ACH Photo & Video Contest

  ○ Theme: “ASEAN in Korea, Korea in ASEAN”

  ○ Contents

  - Cultural elements of Korea found in ASEAN

  - Cultural elements of ASEAN found in Korea

  - Charms of Korea and ASEAN that I experienced as a foreigner

  - Scenes of interactions and exchanges between Korea and ASEAN

   ○ Category: Photography / Video

   ○ Eligibility: Anyone interested in Korea and ASEAN

   ○ Application period: 9:00 am, March 2 – 6:00 pm, April 24, 2020 (KST)


2. How to Submit Your Work

  ○ On-line submission through the ACH website

    1) Access the ACH’s contest website (

    2) Choose the appropriate category (“Photography” or “Video”) and follow the format guidelines.


· Taken by the contestant

· Resolution of 1200x1600 or higher

· Maximum 30MB

· JPG or JPEG resolution

· Composite photos created with computer graphics are 



· Taken and edited by the contestant

· 30 to 60 seconds in length

· Maximum 200MB

· MP4 resolution


    3) Fill the application form and submit your work.

    4) Participate in our survey

     Please Note: There is no limit to the number of submissions per person, but each works must be submitted respectively.


3. Evaluation

  ○ Evaluation

1) Eligibility Screening

   - Screening for submissions that are duplicates, unsuitable for the theme, or plagiarized

2) Experts Judges

   - In-depth review by a panel of experts

3) Online Vote

   - Public vote via online form for the top 10 nominated photos and videos

   - Period: Wednesday, May 13 – Wednesday, May 27, 2020

      ○ Final Selection: A combination of the judges’ scores (80%) and online vote (20%)

      ○ Announcement of Results: 6:00 pm, Friday, June 5, 2020 (KST) on the ACH and contest websites

        Please Note: The schedule above is subject to be changed.

      ○ Prizes for Winners




Grand Prize

(MOFA Minister Prize)



+ 1,200,000won



+ 1,500,000won

Gold Prize

(KF President Prize)



+ 700,000won



+ 1,000,000won

Special Prize

(ASEAN Committee Prize)



+ 700,000won



+ 1,000,000won

Silver Prize

(ACH Director-General Prize)



+ 300,000won



+ 500,000won







4. Award Ceremony and Exhibition

  ○ Award Ceremony: mid-June 2020 at the ACH (Haeundae-gu, Busan, Korea)

  ○ Exhibition of Winning Entries: June–August 2020 at the ACH Special Exhibition Gallery (1F)

   Please Note: Detailed schedule will be announced on the website and to the award winners individually.


 5. Things to Keep in Mind

1. This contest, with the theme “ASEAN in Korea, Korea in ASEAN,” seeks to promote 

   mutual awareness of Korea and the ASEAN member states through photos and videos 

   that capture scenes of cultural exchange between these two societies.

2. Each applicant may submit multiple photos and videos. If multiple photos by the same

   artist are selected as winners, a maximum of 2 works will be awarded a prize. 

3. Depending on the number of submissions or results, the type and number of awards 

   may change. 

4. Participants must own the copyrights to the photos and videos they submit and there 

   should be no legal issues related to the works, including but not limited to portrait 

   rights or intellectual property rights. (Screenshots or videos of blog contents or news 

   articles, etc. are not acceptable.) 

5. Copyrights will remain with the owner should the work be awarded a prize. 

6. Photos and videos that do not satisfy the required format, works that have already been

   awarded a prize in other competitions, copied or pirated works, or works that violate 

   another person’s intellectual property rights shall be excluded from review. In the case 

   that such works are awarded a prize and the fact of such violation or offense is 

   discovered at a later date, the award will be annulled and the award plaque and prize

   shall be returned. 

7. Any issues regarding copyright or intellectual property rights that may occur before or 

   after a photo or video is submitted shall be the responsibility of the contestant. 

8. Contest winners shall give to the ASEAN Culture House the rights to use awarded 

   artworks for ACH programs. The ACH may copy and reproduce winning artworks for

   the awards exhibition, catalog, and other programs in line with the purpose of the 


9. The detailed timeline of the competition is subject to change. Such changes shall be 

    notified on the official contest website. 

10. Further details can be found on the official contest website or through the operation 



6. Inquiries

  - Q&A board of the website

  - Tel: +82-51-775-2025 

  - E-mail: